How To Choose A Junk Removal Company

Wondering whether to handle junk removal yourself or seek professional assistance? At Alton Junk Removal, we understand this dilemma all too well. While we appreciate the DIY spirit, we recognize that it may not always be the best approach for everyone or every situation. Here are five key factors to help you determine if calling … Read more

How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving is a bittersweet experience, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Amidst the excitement, one of the primary concerns during the moving process is ensuring the return of your security deposit. To help you achieve this, the St. Louis Apartment Association recommends the following four ways: 1. Complete Your Part … Read more

5 Packing Tips to Save Money and Time

Smart Packing Tips to Simplify Your Move with Alton Junk Removal Moving to a new place can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a daunting and expensive process. However, with some careful planning and packing tips, you can make your move more efficient and cost-effective. At Alton Junk Removal, we’re here to … Read more

Ways to Evict a Tenant: Exploring Your Options

As the COVID-19 renter’s protections have expired, many landlords and tenants are facing new challenges. The future of eviction depends on two key factors: the quality of the tenant-landlord relationship and whether the tenant has consistently fulfilled their payment agreements. If both conditions are met, eviction may not be on the horizon. However, for those … Read more

What Trash You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Handling junk removal efficiently and responsibly is essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Improper disposal of waste products can lead to severe consequences for both wildlife and people. To ensure you are disposing of junk properly, it’s crucial to be aware of the prohibited items and follow the regulations set by local authorities. … Read more

Junk Hauling Services for Property Management

Property management includes landlords, apartment managers, real estate agents and commercial industries. Maybe you rented office space to someone who decided they no longer wanted to be in business and left everything behind. Someone has to deal with the computers and desk chairs and paper strewn about the room. If you are a property manager … Read more